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Strategic Planning Self-Paced TeleCourse

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Many businesses are thriving right now, even in a down economy.
Do you have your annual strategic plan finalized?
To be sure you have your best year yet sign up for this program 
that is both practical and innovative, yet simple and significant.

For years Caterina has been showing women entrepreneurs how to
double and triple their revenue.
Isn't it time to count yourself among them?

During this telecourse you will learn:

Session #1 Evaluation and Decisions

What to know before you start planning

 Quick self-assessment to see where you may need some support

 Quick business assessment to see where you need to add systems to create consistent results

 Seven ways to increase your profitability

  Evaluate current and Identify new revenue streams for your business

Michelle Hardy“Working with Caterina to grow my business is one of the smartest decisions I have made. She took years off my learning curve, got me thinking about generating a lot more revenue and she consistently encourages me to go past where I used to stop. Thanks to Caterina my business is getting to the next level.”
—Michelle Hardy, Image Consultant and Stylist

Session #2 Solid Success Planning

 Set annual, quarterly and monthly goals for each revenue stream

 Do the math on how many clients or sales you will need to achieve your goals.

 Identify any new markets to target to reach your goals

 Determine any new partnerships to pursue to generate new revenue

Suzanne Gallagher“Caterina Rando is truly an expert in her field. I hired Caterina to coach me with my business. She has the unique ability to take your marketing ideas and turn them into gold. By putting the just the right twist on my ideas, I am off to creating a whole new revenue source. Caterina’s positive encouragement and creative vision has given me the inspiration to move forward.”
—Suzanne Gallagher, Wall Design Diva

Session #3 Business Consistent Marketing

 Select all the marketing strategies you will use to build your list and add new clients

 Put together a marketing calendar for the month and first quarter

 Assess your current team to decide what you need to easily fulfill this plan and calendar

 Decide on the next steps to build a thriving business

Mel and Pearl Shaw“Caterina has provided us with strategic insights that have allowed us to quickly establish ourselves as experts and grow our business in ways that maximizes value to our clients and ensures we work with ease.”
—Mel and Pearl Shaw, Saad & Shaw Comprehensive Fund Development Services

Investment: $99.00

Once you sign up, you will be asked to download a special pdf that will connect you to a secret, password-protected web page where you can download
all three audio files, the three session worksheets and some special annual planning documents.

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Victoria Moore

“Caterina has helped me immeasurably. She has enormous knowledge in the essentials of marketing and she marvelously models the various aspects of work: writing, speaking, coaching and networking. With Caterina's support I am living the life of my dreams.”
—Dr. Victoria Moore, Vitality Chiropractic

Many business owners do not know how to plan for success.
Get this self-paced telecourse to ensure your success.

Ellen Rogin“Finding Caterina was one of the best things to happen for my business.  She has helped me plan and launch my book release and more importantly coached me on how to leverage my book to bring in business.  Caterina is generous with her resources and has connected me with her golden rolodex of people who can also help me be set for success.”
—Ellen S. Rogin, CPA, CFP®, Author of  Great with Money

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