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Communicate Powerfully to Get What You Want

By Caterina Rando, MA, MCC

The most important skill you can develop is the ability to consistently communicate powerfully. When you are confident about your communication, you can easily ask for the business, a raise, even a date.

Use these Powerful Communication Commandments and your communication will be more effective, create a receptive ear on the part of your listener, and get the results you want.

Powerful Communication Commandments
1. Everything you say to yourself either serves you or sabotages you. Do you tell yourself you can do it, do you tell yourself you deserve it or do you tell yourself something different, something less supportive? Turn those thoughts around and replace them with positive self talk.

2. Know your desired outcome. Before you make a phone call or go to a business meeting decide on your desired outcome. Then focus on how to make it easy for the other party to give it to you.

3. Eliminate unnecessary speech fillers from your communication. Fillers are words and phrases such as "umm, well, it is sort-a like, its kind-a like." These take away from the message you want to convey and instead convey a less effective message.

4. Use the powerful pause. Do not be afraid to have a moment of silence between sentences. A pause, prefacing a response to a question holds the attention of the listener.

5. Do not invalidate your own communication. When you use the word "but" it invalidates whatever thought proceeded it. Replace it with "and."

6. Pre-plan your points to make. Plan ahead of time the points you want to make. Thinking out loud with your mouth running is counter productive.

7. Always ask. Do not wait for someone to make you an offer you cannot refuse. Ask for what you want every time whether it is a raise, a resource or recognition. Do not take "no" for an answer. Remember no does not mean no, it means negotiate.

8. Say what you want to say. As women we often hesitate to speak, wondering if what we have to say will be well-received. We edit ourselves instead of speaking up. Do not withhold a question, a comment or a compliment.

9. Position yourself powerfully. Be aware of your posture when you speak. Slouching, tilting your head and crossing your arms or legs diminishes the message. Stand up straight, shoulders down, feet firmly planted and knees unlocked.

10. Project your presence. Your voice is the herald that carries your message. Speak from your diaphragm not your throat. Keep the sound in the low to medium range. This projects authority. Speak loudly enough to be easily heard. Breathe deeply and often.

The key to success for women in business is getting your point across powerfully and professionally. Utilize these strategies to get you the results you want.

Caterina Rando, MA, MCC, coaches entrepreneurs to attract clients with ease by establishing themselves as experts in their fields. Caterina is the creator of the Business Breakthrough Coaching Program. Visit her website at www.attractclientswithease.com to listen to business building teleclasses and find other resources. She can be reached at 415 668-4535 or via email at cat@attractclientswithease.com.