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Are You an Evolving Entrepreneur?

By Caterina Rando, MA, MCC

As business owners we are always looking for new ways to connect with new potential clients, streamline the delivery of our products or services, and generate more revenue with less output of time or other resources.

I spoke to a tentative entrepreneur yesterday. After two years in business she finally realized she is not asking for business. Instead she was mostly hoping it just shows up. Another busy entrepreneur mentioned she is afraid to raise her prices even though she is not generating enough revenue and her client schedule is full.

Coaching entrepreneurs since my mid-twenties, I have seen over and over that being successful at owning your own business requires a willingness to walk the path of personal growth and transformation as well as doing your business. Whatever self-esteem, interpersonal or social challenges you have not worked out, whether you are 21 or 61, they are going to walk in your door, call you on the phone and become your clients, fulfilling some cosmic equation that gives you the opportunity to “work out all your stuff” while you build your business. If you are unwilling to deal with these issues, your business is unlikely to grow or evolve.

We never finish working out our stuff. As your business evolves there will be new issues to resolve. Then you can evolve your business. After you have celebrated your business’ second anniversary, it is time to add a whole new focus on your efforts that keep your business evolving.

Your personal evolution will be easier if you have a lust for learning, are always looking to better yourself, and if you have a business philosophy that demands that you always deliver your best.

If, however, you started your own business because you loved the technical side – being a graphic designer, an accountant, a clothing designer – you may not be as inclined to embrace cold calling, public speaking or quarterly sales projections. If you have your own business, you are your business and the success of your business is largely based on your willingness to grow and learn, think differently, ask different questions and perhaps be willing to be uncomfortable.

I remember the day a whole new and exciting dimension was added to my business, the day more than twelve years ago when I said “yes” to writing an article for this paper even though I had never written a business article before. I did not know at the time that that would lead to hundreds of additional articles, a bestselling book and lots of info products. Are you saying yes to any opportunity that could add a new dimension and possibly an additional income stream to your business? Are you seeking out new opportunities to expand your offerings? If not take a look.

There are a few obvious places to start to evolve your business. Educate yourself regarding the emerging trends in your industry and begin to incorporate a couple that could work for your business.

The same goes for technology specific to your industry or business solutions in general. Find out what is out there that could serve you and your clients better, faster, and more effectively. Even in a personal service business, automation solutions can make you happy every day.

One strategy to keep your business evolving is as old as the adding machine – take time every day for thinking and planning. Take more time at the end of each week and month and take a good two days towards the end of the year to plan for the next year. That is what successful people do. They think about what challenges they face and think about how to find solutions. They think about what they do and try to come up with better ways to do what they do. They think about new possibilities for their businesses and write up an action plan where they try some new things.

Another thing about those at the helm of businesses that are more evolved is that while they let their ideas gestate and brainstorm.  Once they come up with a good idea they do not sit on it forever – they make decisions quickly and take immediate action.

Incorporate some of these strategies and you will keep your business fresh for yourself and your clients. What action are you going to take today to evolve your business?

Caterina Rando, MA, MCC, coaches entrepreneurs to attract clients with ease by establishing themselves as experts in their fields. Caterina is the creator of the Business Breakthrough Coaching Program. Visit her website at www.attractclientswithease.com to listen to business building teleclasses and find other resources. She can be reached at 415 668-4535 or via email at cat@attractclientswithease.com.