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Suzanne GallagherCaterina Rando is truly an expert in her field. I hired Caterina to coach me with my business. She has the unique ability to take your marketing ideas and turn them into gold. By putting the just the right twist on my ideas, I am off to creating a whole new revenue source. Caterina’s positive encouragement and creative vision has given me the inspiration to move forward. 
-Suzanne Gallagher
Wall Design Diva

Janice WilliamsCaterina's Business Breakthrough Program enabled me to make the breakthrough that I needed to take my business to the next level – at last!  Caterina's enthusiastic support motivated me throughout the program and into the future.  I greatly appreciated her professional guidance and useful resources to help my business become more successful. Thank you so much, Caterina!
– Janice Williams, JW Coaching, CPRC, ACCC, SPHR

Cristina Wiley"I've been a small business owner for about four years now and Caterina's Business Breakthrough program is one of the best investments I've made in my business and myself! I was able to easily implement the step-by-step strategies Caterina taught us immediately. Her support in the Business Breakthrough program has been absolutely invaluable. She helped me focus in on the weak areas of my marketing strategy and with her help I was able to turn them into strengths. Now I am positioned to take my business to the next level. Thanks to Caterina and the Business Breakthrough program I truly have a competitive advantage in the marketplace as I go forward helping every woman become an Irresistible Woman™."
– Christina Wiley, CHBC 
Coach, Speaker & Author

Cheri Bertelsen“Coming into Caterina's program, I had a goal of 15 speaking engagements for the year.  I finished the course with 10 !  I developed a Speakers Sheet, created packages and irrestistible offers that have brought me clients with ease.  I left the course with a program of my own designed and a third of the way completed.”
– Christine Giri,
Simply Organized

Heather Elrick“Investing in Caterina’s Business Breakthrough Coaching sessions was the best step forward I could have ever taken for my business!! Within the first two weeks I’d clarified priorities and goals, and developed a viable Speaker Sheet that provided an immediate (and additional!) revenue stream. Caterina’s value-packed service proves that you need to give first, before you receive, and her being available for questions, editing and offering lists of free resources was simply the icing on the cake!  I’ve never before had access to such an incredibly generous educational forum and I would say that you can’t afford to not invest in yourself.”
– Heather Elrick, AICI, CIP

Cheri Bertelsen"My work with Caterina and The Business Breakthrough tele-course gave me exactly what I was looking for!  I could see what else I could do with my grantwriting business, and how to do it in manageable steps.  Out of this program, I have developed several tip sheets, written my first article and got a speaking engagement! Working with Caterina has given me the space to see new possibilities for my work, including how to have different products/services to offer different audiences. Caterina gives you a roadmap to envision different ways to package your business so that can expand your client base with ease.  She gives you a clear structure, and the confidence that things can actually be accomplished and results achieved."
- Julie Mozena, Mozena & Associates: The Grantwriting Experts

Cheri Bertelsen"I would have probably wasted months or possibly another year if Caterina had not laid out a "Yellow Brick Road" to follow as I expand my business. Her tips about articles, speaker sheets, website, etc. have been so pivotal. I am staying focused and HAVING FUN because I have Caterina's voice playing in my head. She shares SO, SO much and provides so much added value. Caterina's courses are really the difference between walking to getting on a moving sidewalk, then a monorail, then a jet!  Work with her, implement her suggestions and watch your business take off!"
Gailen David, The Sky Steward,
Motivational Speaker,
Corporate Trainer & Consultant
Shelley BayolI got so many great ideas and learned so much through my participation in in Caterina's program. The handouts and practical steps were a tremendous help. I have written and submitted articles for publication, created an awesome speaker sheet and I am working on an e-book and  some teleclasses. I got so many great tools to move my business to the next level.
- Shelley Bayol,Certified Financial Recovery Counselor
Does your business fuel your passion AND your pocketbook? 

Make Your Business Thrive With

The Business Breakthrough Program
Starting January 2011

That is what every entrepreneur dreams of, and yet sometimes the reality of the day-to-day challenges of running a business can make you settle for simply “getting by” rather than running a profitable and sustainable enterprise.

If this sounds like you, you are not alone! Many people stop short of implementing the strategies that can grow your business revenue and provide them with true financial security.

To make your business soar, you must position yourself as an expert.
Today’s savvy clients want to work with the person who can do the best job. Everybody wants to do business with an expert! When they find someone known for doing top-notch work, they will gladly give you their business with less concern about price.

What’s stopping you from getting started?
Perhaps you don’t know how to get started or what to do next. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable leading teleclasses, writing articles or speaking in public. Maybe you’ve tried these, but encountered so many roadblocks and disappointments that you’ve given up. Maybe you did not have a good teacher. Let Caterina be your guide to building your business with ease.

Step-by-step, you will create your business breakthrough

Following Caterina’s guidance can shave months, even years off your journey to success.

During this program you will:

• Begin to see yourself as an expert

• Gain clarity on how to brand your business, send a consistent message with your brand and solidify your brand with everything you do

• Use your website to provide value-added content that establishes you as an expert and gets you clients

• Begin to conduct teleclasses and programs as an expert marketing tool and a huge additional source of steady income

• Pick the ideal market to target so that you are the “go to resource” for anyone in that industry

• Develop the simple marketing piece that will get you booked as a presenter in front of your target market over and over

• Use speaking to promote yourself as an expert and make your phone ring

• Easily write articles quickly that you can use over and over to add credibility, grow your list and attract new clients

• Place articles in publications and on web sites where your potential clients will see them
• Quickly produce low-cost, high-profit information products that extend your brand and raise your profile, significantly increasing your profit

• Discover how to use a blog and podcasts to send your message around the world and attract clients from the four corners of the globe

Jeanette Vonier“Caterina Rando is the ultimate coach and trainer for anyone who wants to learn how to market themselves as a successful speaker.  Her Business Breakthrough program will accelerate you into hyper-drive and help you present yourself as a true pro from day one, enabling you to get the most value out of every speaking engagement.  Not only is Caterina incredibly knowledgeable, she has also developed a vast network of top-notch experts that are part of her teaching team. You will get far more than your money's worth from this tele-course.”
Jeanette Vonier, Elegant Images Photography

Ready to create a breakthrough in your business?
Register now for the Business Breakthrough program.

Imagine building your business with ease
As the program ramps up your strengths, you will see breakthrough changes in your business.
• Increasing your effectiveness and productivity by putting achievable strategic plans, action plans and consistent systems in place.
• Get to your goals quicker by taking advantage of the best resources, ideas and possibilities.
• Building your momentum and focus with week-to-week accountability.

And if you’re like most, you will find the inspiration you need to break though challenges that have held you back in the past.

I' m ready to create a business breakthrough by becoming known as an expert. With my investment of $1,200 or four easy installments of $325 each, I understand that I get access to the complete Business Breakthrough Program including the Business Breakthrough Online Institute during my three month program.*

Live teleseminars and coaching sessions:


New Program starting in January 2011  


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You can listen as many times as you like, or if you have to miss a session.

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Four Easy Installments of $325 per month starting when you register, all automatic payments. Total investment: $1,300.

To ask questions or to register by phone, call 415-668-4535 or e-mail cat@attractclientswithease.com

*Upon registration for the Business Breakthrough Program, you will be signed up for immediate access to the Business Breakthrough Online Institute, which is included through the duration of the course, and then for a monthly fee of $47 thereafter. You can cancel at any time. However, there are no partial refunds.

Dana Lynch"I love the Business Breakthrough program. I've learned so much more than I ever could have hoped for. Caterina is truly an expert in her field! I always feel encouraged and ready to forge ahead at the end of each call. The accountability has been excellent, and I've achieved so much more than I ever would have on my own."
Dana Lynch, President
Elements of Image

It’s time to learn how to create a business breakthrough!
In the Business Breakthrough program, you will learn the five often overlooked innovative strategies to build your business, how to establish yourself as an expert and how to use value-based marketing to build a strong client base. Put tested and proven strategies to work and begin attracting clients with ease everyday.

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Tom DrewsA WEBINAR ON WEBINARS (75 minute recording)
How to Take Advantage of Webinars to Grow Your Sales and Build Your Business!
Presented by Tom Drews, President & Founder of What Works! Communications
Given the current state of our economy, now is an especially ideal time to explore new and highly effective ways to sell more and close more business. Most of us are familiar with webinars, but few of us know how to take full advantage of them. And this is where we can help!  Regular investment: $47
FREE access for Business Breakthrough participants (coming soon)

Allison BlissWEBINAR (75 minute recording)
How to Maximize Your Search Engine Optimization to Attract Clients with Ease
You  want high search engine rankings. You want more website traffic. You want new clients who find you on the Internet. But how do you get them? There are lots of ways and we are going to show you how. This webinar will teach you to understand SEO – Search Engine Optimization – more than most designers and  webmasters. Plus you will learn dozens of tips to get you started on your own Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that your website can be found by those who you want to find  you – your potential clients.  Regular investment: $47
FREE access for Business Breakthrough participants (coming soon)

Allison BlissUsing Social Networking to
Build Your Business with Zita Gustin

Over the past year, the Internet has been a hotbed of activity in the realm of Web 2.0. Social media burst onto the scene and our lives will never be the same!  If you have not prepared yourself to ride this wave of social activity, you may be missing out on a variety of opportunities to expand your footprint as an expert and you may also be missing out on new clients.

FREE access to Zita's session recording and handouts, as well as ten other marketing experts, all part of the Business Breakthrough Online Institute

Spotlight Forum TeleSessionsSpotlight Forum TeleSessions
You are invited each month to a bonus call with Caterina. This session is for you to get some coaching and consulting on whatever you want to put attention on. You can pose questions and create forward action anywhere in your business.

All sessions are recorded and posted in the Business Breakthrough Online Institute

Business Breakthrough Online Institute24/7 Full Access
to the Business Breakthrough Online Institute
You will get access to previous class session recordings for any topics you can not wait to get started on. With each topic are examples of what other entrepreneurs are doing in their businesses to get your creative juices flowing.
You can take advantage of links to many recommended free or low-cost resources
Caterina is always looking to maximize your marketing dollars.
• Here you will also find the roster of experts that Caterina has assembled. Listen to their bonus sessions on a variety of business building topics, including: Starting Your Own Radio Show, Writing Winning Copy For Your Website and Getting Local Publicity.